02/20/2013 12:12 pm ET Updated Feb 21, 2013

California Couple Returns $11,000 Found At Golden Gate Bridge (VIDEO)

When Carlos and Barbara Landeros came upon a bag filled with wads of cash on Valentine’s Day, the two decided to forgo their romantic plans in order to return it.

The honest couple was sightseeing at the Golden Gate Bridge on Feb. 14 when they found a camera bag containing $11,060.42, expensive camera equipment and credit cards, NBC Bay Area reported. The two waited for a while for the owner to come back and then headed down to the police station where they waited for hours until the owner, a tourist from China, was finally tracked down.

The grateful owner personally visited the Landeroses to thank them, sent them a reward and told NBC that they are “very, very kind in heart.”

While the lengths to which this California couple went to return the cash is impressive, they aren’t the only do-gooder duo on the West Coast determined to do the right thing.

When Oregon siblings Katie and Ryan Moi found a bank deposit bag with $13,000 on a road in Eugene, the two knew that the cash would help them escape their financial woes, but let their consciences do the deciding, the Register-Guard reported.

The Mois brought the money to Reliable Credit, a firm that provides direct loans, and were given gift cards in return for their good deed, and some readers have even reached out to help the two.

“That's kind of an example that my sister and I set, that you know, just because you've had troubles in the past doesn't mean that you're a bad person,” Ryan told ABC, “and, you know, people can turn around."



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