02/20/2013 12:41 pm ET

Creator Of Chilling Nazi Message On Packard Plant Comes Forward, Criticizes The Sign's Removal

The creator of a chilling message that alluded to the Auschwitz concentration camp on the windowless overpass of the abandoned Packard Plant appears to have come forward, saying he was misunderstood and criticized the removal of the sign.

“ARBEIT MACHT FREI” was cruelly placed at the entrances of the labor camps in irony, with the knowledge that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, no hope, only death,” the alleged artist, Penny Gaff, said, dismissing claims that the sign was anti-Semitic. “A parallel can be drawn with the current corporatocracy we are subjected to today. The illusion that one day we will be rich and successful is similarly misleading, but we swallow it and live in this false sense of hope. We whore our lives away day after day for corporations and the empty promises of the powers that be. We have become wage slaves, with no alternative, essentially reinstating forced labor.”

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