02/20/2013 12:51 pm ET Updated Feb 20, 2013

Pigeon CPR: Gail Daniell, Australian Woman, Revives Ailing Bird With Beak-To-Mouth Resuscitation

Gail Daniell really loves birds -- so much so that when an injured pigeon stopped breathing, the Australian woman didn't give it a moment's thought before administering CPR.

"[The bird] just stopped breathing and I didn't even think twice, I just started with the CPR," Daniell explained to Adelaide Now. "I gave him probably three or four little breaths and pumped his little chest a few times and he started to come back to life.

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Daniell works as a volunteer with Fauna Rescue SA, a nonprofit wildlife rescue organization that cares for about 3,000 animals, birds and reptiles on a yearly basis.

Believe it or not, bird CPR is not an uncommon procedure. According to Bird Talk Magazine, bird CPR is performed in much the same way as CPR on a human -- for birds, though, one has to watch out for unwelcome bites and sharp beaks.

Still wary? Be glad you aren't Dr. Jeff Cooney, a veterinarian in Bend, Ore., who had the task of performing beak-to-mouth resuscitation on a wild bald eagle in 2011, KTVZ previously reported.



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