02/21/2013 01:53 pm ET

Architizer Blog » And The Oscar Goes To: Top 10 Contemporary Buildings In Movies

Oscar season is upon us, and to celebrate, we've rounded up the top 10 contemporary buildings in movies. We specify "contemporary" because architecture and movies have always gone together, from Hitchcock's pioneering use and representation of space to Kubrick's anxious use of interiors to Terry Gilliam's absurdo-futurist panoply of forms in Brazil. These examples, though great they may be, are very well-known and always trotted out when any discussion of film and buildings is broached. But what about newer, less canonical buildings from less-than-classic movies? The last decade of Hollywood movies have offered plenty for architectural lovers to gawk out, even if the films themselves are usually underwhelming, to put it kindly. (We're looking at you, Twilight.) So grab the popcorn, and enjoy the (slide)show!