02/21/2013 12:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Best Butt Workouts To Firm Your Glutes

Have you been keeping up with your New Year's resolution of getting in shape or maintaining the health strides you made last year? Good for you! For those of you who have fallen off the wagon -- or never got on -- no worries. Celebrity trainer Joel Harper shared the best workouts for common post 50 trouble areas. The man who Dr. Oz regularly calls on gave us the best butt workouts, consisting of two exercises and a great stretch.


Get down on all fours and straighten your left leg all the way back. Lift your left butt cheek on top of your right butt cheek with a straight leg.

butt workouts

Bring your left knee all the way out to the side, forming a right angle in line with your left.

butt workouts

Then drop your left knee back down to your right knee, assuming your original position. Repeat this 25 times. Then switch sides, repeating the movement with your right leg 25 times.


Drop down so your hands are 12 inches in front of your left foot. Lift your right knee up in the air so your right knee is in line with your left knee.

butt workouts

Kick as high as you can behind you, keeping your supporting leg soft the entire time.

butt workouts

Do 25 kicks in the air, and then pulse 25 times -- one inch up, one inch down. Switch sides, and make sure to keep your neck completely relaxed the entire time.


After every workout, you want to make sure you stretch out the body parts you've worked out, Harper advised.

Step your left foot forward two feet in front of your right foot. Turn your right foot to the side, and use your left hand as support on your left leg. Gently reach your right hand around and pull your left toe up into the air.

butt workouts

Hold this stretch for five deep inhales before switching sides.

Revisit Joel Harper's arm, abs, thighs workouts and stay tuned for the last installment, the best workouts for your hips.



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