02/21/2013 07:42 am ET Updated Feb 21, 2013

Hugh Jackman Does 'Late Show' Interview As Lincoln To Try And Sway Oscar Voters (VIDEO)

Hugh Jackman dropped by "Late Show," but he didn't look like himself. Instead, he resembled a certain president who's had both a feature film this year, as well as a high-rated cable film. Jackman said he wanted to sway a few last-minute Oscar voters. "Lincoln" is going up against Jackman's "Les Miserables," and the presidential biopic is considered the front-runner.

"I mean, really, can Daniel Day-Lewis do this?" Jackman asked before breaking abruptly into song.

Jackman got serious after his opening gag and credited much of his career to his "Les Mis" co-star, Russell Crowe. According to Jackman, Crowe turned down the role that made Hugh Jackman a household name when he passed on Wolverine. Even more, he recommended the studio look to Jackman for the role.

And Jackman's still playing Wolverine. The latest film for the character is titled "The Wolverine" and is expected in theaters this summer.

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