02/21/2013 09:41 am ET Updated Feb 21, 2013

Kim Kardashian In DuJour Magazine: Kanye Won't Let Her Sign Autographs, And Other Tidbits

Is there anything we haven't already learned about Kim Kardashian? Probably nothing substantial, yet she still graces plenty of magazine covers each year, with every profile attempting to shed new light on the reality-TV star. Let's see what sort of tidbits DuJour magazine, which this month features her first pregnant fashion spread, can offer.

  • A recent photo Kardashian posted of her new haircut featuring the caption "I cut bangs for real this time!" garnered nearly 237,000 more likes than a photo she had previously posted announcing her relationship with Kanye West.
  • A recent episode of "Family Feud" posed the question "If the United States had a royal family, who would it be?" The Kardashians came in fifth place, behind the Kennedys, Obamas, Bushes and Clintons.
  • Kardashian says she never wears flats, unless she's on the treadmill. Five days after West announced her pregnancy at an Atlantic City concert, Kardashian had a 12-hour travel day during which she wore 5-inch suede Jimmy Choo stilettos. She was three months pregnant at the time.
  • She compares getting "manicures and whatnot" to meditating.
  • Kim says she's always valued having a strong work ethic over finding opportunities to party. When she was 15, her father taught her to drive so she could take over when Kourtney and her friends partied too hard.
  • In another life, she would want to be a crime-scene investigator or a lawyer. In the meantime, she finds herself watching lots of "I'm Pregnant And... Addicted to Meth" and reminding herself how grateful she is that her baby-induced indulgences aren't quite so serious.
  • Kardashian has recently been more selective when agreeing to sign autographs, a change she credits to West, who she says has "taught" her "a lot about privacy." Now she tells fans her boyfriend won't let her sign autographs.
  • British fashion designer Roland Mouret says he's more likely to sell a dress that Kardashian wore than a dress Kate Middleton wore.
  • Kardashian used to style herself, having worked as a wardrobe stylist before opening the boutique Dash, but in recent months Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti has dressed Kardashian. Formichetti says Kardashian "represents a very important woman now."


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