02/21/2013 07:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Marisha Cheong's Body Found In Breezy Point Waters: Missing Woman Tied Up, Suffered Broken Bones

The body of a Queens woman found in the waters off Breezy Point had suffered a number of injuries, including two broken upper arm bones, said a law enforcement source.

But it was unclear if the injuries to the body of Marisha Cheong, 24, happened before or after she died, said the source, who didn't want to be identified.

Cheong, who grew up with her family in Valley Stream, had been living with a boyfriend in the Jamaica area of Queens when she disappeared after last being seen alive on Dec. 19, police said. When her body was recovered on Saturday, Cheong was wearing a pajama bottom, and a boot, and had both her hands and feet bound, according to the NYPD.

A spokeswoman for New York City's chief medical examiner said Wednesday that the cause of death was still undetermined. The law enforcement source said the medical examiner was still carrying out additional tests.

Aside from the broken arms, Cheong also suffered bruising to both hips and had evidence of hemorrhaging in her neck, said the source, stressing again that it was unclear when those injuries were sustained.

Detectives had questioned and released Cheong's boyfriend after her body was recovered, police said. No one has been charged in the case. Wednesday, Newsday reported that detectives have been examining a "grainy" surveillance video that shows two women leaving the home of Cheong's boyfriend and were trying to determine if one of them was Cheong. ___