02/22/2013 09:53 am ET

Armory Show: 2013 Art Fair Lineup Announced And More Arts News

Who is getting excited for the Armory Show? The 2013 lineup for the art world's equivalent of March Madness was released yesterday and we're already mapping out our schedule. The fair, which runs from March 7 until March 10, features a handsome list of exhibitors as well as opportunities for interaction, discussion and nerding out.

Aside from the fair itself, the Armory's film series, curated by Moving Image, features rare film screenings along with Q&A's from the filmmakers. We are particularly excited for Pavel Büchler’s video installation "High Noon," made from stills obtained from a single Google image search, which airs March 7. The next day offers an equally intriguing film: "The Show That Shook the World: Marcel Duchamp and the 1913 Armory Show," honoring the original Armory show on its 100th anniversary. Producer Richard Miller and Duchamp scholar Francis Naumann provide context to the illustrated Duchamp lecture from the original Armory show.

The Armory Open Forum will provide an opportunity for dialogue and engagement regarding art commerce, aesthetics and the burdens of art fairs themselves. We're looking forward to Tim Griffin's forum on ephemeral and interdisciplinary art, and the difficulties that arise in collecting or displaying such works. And who would want to miss a discussion on the meaning of “alternative" today? John Bowe, Lia Gangitano and Alec Soth will be delving into that hairy subject with gusto.

Will will see similar trends at this year's Armory Show that we did at Art Basel Miami Beach? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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