02/22/2013 03:00 pm ET Updated Feb 25, 2013

FBI Sexting: Reports Show Numerous Agents Disciplined For Inappropriate Messages (VIDEO)

According to the Atlantic Wire, an internal FBI report obtained by CNN shows that the FBI had to fire "numerous employees for things like sexting, spying on their bosses, and getting 'happy endings' at a massage parlor."

HuffPost Justice reporter Ryan Reilly joined Alyona Minkovski Huffpost Live on Friday to discuss the unfolding story.

"Its coming from people who are both using their personal mobile devices and interrupting office culture as well as people who are using their government issued blackberries to do this," Reilly said.

"There are thousands and thousands of employees within the FBI," Reilly said, and though we hold FBI agents to a higher moral standard, "it's not a massive, massive problem."

The FBI's disciplinary reports are quite detailed in outlining exactly what various employees are doing, perhaps in an effort to stymie such behavior in the future.

One report included details about an employee emailing nude photographs of herself to her ex-boyfriend's wife. The report goes so far as to note that the "employee failed to cease contact with ex-boyfriend and wife after twice being ordered to do so by supervisor and Chief Security Officer," and included that the employee was suspended for 10 days.

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