02/23/2013 04:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

One Direction Announces Opening Act For World Tour

One Direction have finally announced the new name that will be joining them on their world tour (hint: it's not the 13-year-old vocal powerhouse Camryn, who opened for them in their European shows last year). The lucky band is called "5 Seconds Of Summer," and to be honest, we didn't know much about them before Louis tweeted the news.

But we've done a little research now, and Directioners, fear not! Here are 5 reasons why you'll probably be adding 5 Seconds Of Summer to your "favorite boy bands" list soon enough.

1. They're real-life besties.
Starting in December 2011, three of the band members -- Luke, Michael, and Calum – all went to the same school and decided to collectively post cover songs to YouTube. Their videos now have over 5 million views.

2. They've already had massive success outside of the U.S.
They signed with Sony ATV Music and released their first EP, “Unplugged,” in June 2012. The album reached the third spot on the iTunes chart in Australia.

3. They're already buddies with One Direction -- and have even covered their music.
Last February, 5 Seconds of Summer uploaded their own mashup cover to "What Makes You Beautiful" and "One Thing." We have faith that their 1D renditions will only get better after touring with them around the world.

4. They're crushing on one of our favorite up-and-coming girl groups, Fifth Harmony.
Specifically, Michael took to Twitter to express his interest in Camilla Cabello. Louis Tomlinson (being an awesome Twitter wing-man!) jumped in and invited the girls to attend an upcoming 1D show. Aww.

5. They look and sound like this.

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