02/24/2013 10:39 am ET Updated Feb 24, 2013

John McCain: 'Shame On Ray LaHood' (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON -- Sen. John McCain said Sunday that the Obama administration's Republican transportation secretary ought to be ashamed of himself for blaming budget cuts on his fellow Republicans.

"Shame on Ray LaHood," the Arizona Republican said, with a laugh.

LaHood has said the "sequestration" -- automatic spending cuts scheduled to take effect in March -- will cause significant air travel delays, and that Republicans ought to go see the movie "Lincoln" and then negotiate with President Barack Obama.

McCain pointed to a Washington Post story by Bob Woodward that says the Obama administration is responsible for creating the sequestration. (The piece also claims Obama is "moving the goal posts" by demanding increased revenue as part of any new deal to replace the cuts.)

"It came from the White House and the president's aides," McCain said. "The president has now said it's Congress' fault. We know the president wasn't telling the truth from that."

McCain is one of many Republicans who voted for the Budget Control Act, the 2011 bill that set up sequestration.

On Sunday NBC's "Meet The Press" host David Gregory asked LaHood if it will still be safe to fly after the cuts force the Federal Aviation Administration to shutter air traffic control towers.

"One thing we never compromise on is safety," LaHood said. "We will never take a back seat to safety. Safety will not be compromised. But we will have to work with the airlines in slowing planes down. But there will be enough controllers to make sure planes are guided in and out of airports safely."

As for Lincoln, many Republicans reportedly spurned an invitation to watch the movie at the White House last year.



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