02/25/2013 04:15 pm ET

Jacqueline Zuniga, Teacher's Aide, Allegedly Throws Boy With Autism Into A Wall

A teacher's aide at an elementary school in Clermont, Fla. is accused of throwing a child with autism into a wall.

Jacqueline Zuniga, 39, was working with the special needs student at Pine Ridge Elementary on Tuesday, according to an arrest report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.

The report states that another school employee noticed Zuniga become agitated when the boy started hitting and pinching her. In response, Zuniga allegedly bent the student's fingers backward, saying, "You hit me. I hit you."

The witness -- whose name has not been released -- told police that Zuniga later picked up the student when he was lying down and tossed him into a wall that was four or five feet away, lacerating child's head.

Zuniga was arrested and charged with child abuse on Friday, though she has since been released on bond.

"I wanted this teacher to get punished," the father of the child told WESH. "I called the detectives. I've been trying to see what they were going to do, but I'm so happy she is being punished."

Zuniga, who has been employed by the school district since 2010, is currently suspended without pay. Lake County Schools spokesperson Chris Patton told CF News 13 that, "We are moving to terminate her employment with the school district."



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