02/25/2013 09:58 am ET

Opinion: How Are Hispanics Being Represented In Sitcoms?

Over break, while trying to find a show for the family to watch, I suggested Modern Family, which my father promptly excused himself from. I was confused. We had watched a few episodes together here and there, and he never had a problem with the show. When I asked him why, he said he didn’t like Sofia Vergara’s character because it seemed the writers were just making fun of her.

Although I could definitely tell that her accent has gotten more affected in recent years, I chalked it up to comedic exaggeration. As a Hispanic, it never truly bothered me because at least she is authentically Hispanic and on a major sitcom. Her character might parody our culture, but I find the show to exaggerate aspects of all the characters and not just one. Nevertheless, my father’s comment made me reconsider not just her portrayal of a Latina on television, but other portrayals throughout television history that cement those stereotypes.

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