02/25/2013 09:44 am ET Updated Feb 25, 2013

Oscars: Best Celebrity Tweets During The Academy Awards, Plus Twitter Stats From The Telecast

Not every big star gets to sit courtside for the Academy Awards. Some attend one of the many parties held throughout Hollywood, while others -- like the rest of us -- are left to watch the telecast from the comfort of their living rooms.

But that works in our favor, too, because even if we can't see all of our favorite stars on the red carpet, we devour their witty Web commentary on Twitter. Here are some of our favorite tweets from last night's Oscars.

Celebrities Tweet The Oscars

In other Twitter-related Oscar news, here are some of the night's top trends:

Twitter reported a total of 8.9 million posts about the Academy Awards, including 2.1 million tweets during the red carpet and 6.8 million throughout the actual show.

The most frequently mentioned nominees:
1) Jennifer Lawrence
2) Anne Hathway
3) Quentin Tarantino
4) Ben Affleck
5) Daniel Day-Lewis

The most frequently mentioned movies:
1) "Argo"
2) "Life of Pi"
3) "Lincoln"
4) "Django Unchained"

The most heavily tweeted moments throughout the show:
1) "Argo" wins Best Picture (85,300 tweets per minute)
2) Adele performs "Skyfall" (82,300 TPM)
3) Jennifer Lawrence wins Best Actress (71,600 TPM)
4) Adele wins Best Original Song (64,000 TPM)
5) Anne Hathaway wins Best Supporting Actress (60,400 TPM)

The most frequently mentioned stars during the red-carpet arrivals:
1) Anne Hathaway
2) Charlize Theron
3) Jessica Chastain
4) Jennifer Aniston
5) Reese Witherspoon