02/25/2013 05:15 pm ET

8 Overused Real Estate Terms That Have Us Rolling Our Eyes

Home buyers beware.

It's no surprise that we regularly frequent real estate sites to feast our eyes on the many properties on the market. And while we love to click through and see photos of the good, bad and ugly that some of these homes have to offer, we can't help but notice the overused (and sometimes exaggerated) terms repeated in so many listings that just make us roll our eyes.

For instance, have you ever seen an agent describe a home as "charming" when you can clearly see what they meant to say was "small?" Or how about our personal favorite phrase, "buyers eager to sell," which is often just a flashing red light that means there's probably something very wrong with the property. And while we know selling a home is hard, we just wish these overused real estate terms would be replaced with the truth. Or can they at least get a little more creative?

Scroll through our list and see more of these phrases.

"Hurry! It won't last long" -- Really? Then why has it been on the market for almost a year?

"Gourmet kitchen" -- This pretty much means it's a standard kitchen with maybe an island or an extra appliance.

"Buyers eager to sell" -- If you see this, run. Run straight for the hills.

"Charming" -- This home is small, really small. Often used with "quaint" and "cozy."

"Near Transportation" -- The neighborhood gets pretty loud at night.

"Great potential" -- The property is sub-par but with a lot of time and money, it could be nice, maybe.

"Up-and-coming neighborhood" -- It's probably not safe to walk alone at night.

"Open floor plan" -- The home is one large room.

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