02/25/2013 04:02 pm ET

What Do You Do With White Nationalist Art Once The Irony’s Gone?

Charles Krafft's artwork would be creepy no matter what. The artist makes porcelain ceramics in the traditions of Dutch Delftware and Italian maiolica pottery, but with a postmodern twist: the pieces are shaped like guns and grenades, or feature scenes of warfare and death (Disasterware), or portraits of Hitler and Charles Manson. There is a soap and cologne set called "Forgiveness," which features swastikas. And Krafft creates china pieces -- memorial and reliquaries, according to his site -- using human cremains instead of calcinated cow bone.

But the work of the artist, a leading figure in the Seattle art scene, has become a whole lot more disturbing, with the publication of The Stranger art critic Jen Graves's exposé of Krafft as a white nationalist and a Holocaust denier.