02/26/2013 05:13 am ET Updated Feb 26, 2013

'Bunheads' Finale: The Girls Secretly Cheer Michelle On During A Tough Audition (VIDEO)

Michelle took off again during the season final of "Bunheads." The last time she did that was after macing the dance class and the girls feared they may never see her again. So it was no surprise that they followed her this time. Where they found her was in an audition for a Broadway show.

The girls had a lot of fun sneaking around the church where the auditions were being held -- barely escaping getting caught on several occasions -- and even slipped in for some rehearsal time with the auditioning dancers. But mostly they held their breath and wished the best for Michelle. Even though they loved her and she was their teacher, they knew this would make her happy.

Unfortunately, the auditions turned out to be a sham. The piano player, Seth, explained it all to Michelle. "This choreographer hires the same girls no matter what," he said. "The unions make us hold these open calls. So annoying. I hate these things."

But Seth did like what he saw in Michelle, and though he wasn't able to give her his card, TV Fanatic has their fingers crossed that he might somehow be able to come through for Michelle in the future.

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