02/26/2013 10:52 am ET

Harlem Shake Underwater: High School Swim Team Films Crazy Video

This month, we've seen high school students and teen celebs all participate in the crazy Internet meme known as the harlem shake, but until now we hadn't seen anything quite like this from a group of teenagers. One high school swim team from Michigan took it upon themselves to film the crazy, spontaneous dance underwater. One swimmer is even riding a bike!

Watch the video above and click here to head over to Patch.com to read more.

The Gross Pointe South swim team aren't the first people to try the dance while submerged in a pool. The University of Georgia's swim team made this into a popular trend when they posted their own underwater harlem shake video on February 11. They've since collected nearly 27 million views.

Click through the slideshow below to watch 10 more of our favorite high school harlem shake videos.

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10 High School "Harlem Shake" Videos