02/26/2013 10:51 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hooters Launches 'Step Into Awesome' Campaign, Takes Shots At Chipotle

Hooters has launched a new advertising campaign that encourages fans to "Step Into Awesome." The company is putting forth a series of commercials that markets Hooters as the ultimate sports-viewing destination. Hooters is also launching the #StepIntoAwesome hashtag campaign on Twitter and Instagram.

In order to make Hooters seem "awesome," the company is taking some not-so-subtle digs at other brands, though. In an ad released online Monday, a customer isn't thrilled with the sad-looking burrito joint he's in -- the food is uninspiring and everything takes on a gray hue. So, he goes to Hooters instead, which is full of friendly waitresses and bright Tex-Mex offerings.

Eater notes that Hooters is clearly going after Chipotle in the spot:

In the second ad released, a bunch of guys leave a lame sports party to go to Hooters instead -- it's more "awesome" there, you see.

We're not so sure how these new ads fit in with Hooters' goal of attracting more women -- the notion of men leaving lame restaurants/parties to instead be greeted by buxom blondes doesn't exactly scream "female friendly." But if you read Playboy for the articles, no reason why you can't go to Hooters for the wings.

[h/t Eater]



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