02/26/2013 06:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Peter La Anguila, Jamsha: Catchy Lyrics And Funny Moves From A New Generation Of Reggaetoneros

He represents the new generation of Latino rappers but instead of using tattoos, big muscles, a gangster attitude and a lot of bling-bling, Peter La Anguila has captured the attention of social media with fun reggaeton dancing moves.

Similar to popular Korean song "Ganganm Style" by PSY, which quickly became a social phenomenon after being posted on Youtube, it seems that the same could be happening to Peter la Anguila (Peter the Eel), a funny and skinny character who moves like an eel in the water when dancing.

Produced by The Pichy Films a group of Cubans from South Florida called Alejandro González and Maikito Rodríguez, and played by reggaetonero Peter La Anguila, in just months the video “El Estilo de Peter La Anguila” .(The Style of Peter the Eel) has reached 30 million views, and thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter.

The Pichy Boys are two cousins who have done all kinds of parodies of either Hollywood movies, television shows or news breaks for several years. However, it was the union to Peter La Anguila that helped them reach this big hit.

The three young Cubans have already been traveling around the world to attend many events. After returning from a European tour where they visited several cities in Spain, France and Germany, they made stops in Mexico, Central and South America to greet fans.

Another artist who has also taken advantage of his own unique style and has jumped to fame on social media platforms using parody and comedy is the Puerto Rican Jamsha. With funny sketches that almost always showcase the urban realities of the island, and catchy lyrics the new reggaetonero, has also claimed a space on the Internet.

Take a look at Peter La Anguila above and more about Jamsha below. (Caution: Obscene language and graphic visuals are used in this video.)



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