02/27/2013 02:44 pm ET

Priceless Wild Pearl Found In Oyster That Was Bought For A Hangover By James Humphries

A British man was only trying to ease a hangover when he ordered oysters and found a wild pearl inside.

On Saturday morning, 34-year-old James Humphries of Newquay, England bought the oysters from E Rawle & Co. fishmongers after a night of drinking, according to UPI. He described them as "the perfect hangover cure."

He took a bite and felt a lump in his mouth. "I thought a filling had fallen out," he told the Mirror.

It was only when he spat it out that he discovered it was a pearl.

According to experts, pearls hardly ever occur in wild Pacific oysters, which is the type Humphries purchased. They're highly valuable if they are found.

Fishmonger Gareth Horner has sold oysters at Rawle & Co. for 30 years. He says that he's never heard of one containing a pearl.

"It's extremely unusual and he's a very lucky man," said Paul Cox of the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

Humphries plans to keep the pearl, which he may put into a piece of jewelry.

Last February, Pamela Levi bit into pizza and found a pearl at Goatfeathers restaurant in Columbia, S.C., HuffPost reported.

In 2011, a Houston woman found a rare purple pearl inside an oyster while eating at a Mardi Gras-themed restaurant on Fat Tuesday, according to KTRK. It was identified as a qauja pearl, which she said only about one in two million people ever find.




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