Sebastian Swartz, 9-Year-Old Boy, Dead After Shooting Himself With Father's Gun In Ohio

A 9-year-old who accidentally shot himself with his father's gun has died.

Sebastian Swartz of Decatur, Ohio, died on Tuesday, a week after he shot himself in the head with his dad's Glock handgun, according to WKRC.

WXIX reports on what authorities believe led to Swartz's fatal injury:

The initial investigation indicated the gunshot was the result of an accidental discharge of a handgun. A witness at the scene confirmed the sister of the boy tried to take the gun from him before it went off.

Last Wednesday, WXIX reports, community members took part in a prayer vigil for Swartz.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the Brown County prosecutor’s office is investigating the case and could decide to bring charges against Swartz's parents.