02/27/2013 07:29 am ET

'Snooki & JWoww': Nicole Sneaks Out For Her First Cigarette Since Her Pregnancy (VIDEO)

After giving alcohol a try again last week on "Snooki & JWoww," Nicole decided she had a craving for a cigarette. Would the former "Jersey Shore" party girl be reverting back to all of her old habits now that baby Lorenzo has been born?

One thing that was definitely different was that she was sitting on a child's car in the yard during her stealth smoking operation. She and a friend were outside when it all went down, but Nicole immediately felt guilty after her cigarette. She was so concerned about Jionni smelling the cigarette smoke on her that she decided she just needed to take a shower.

She also prepared to blame the whole thing on her friend by asking her, "Can I tell Jionni you wanted one?" She even contemplated burying the cigarette butt. She was worried Jionni would be mad at her.

Eventually, though, she did tell Jionni about her smoke break and he was more upset that she'd lied about it than he was that she'd lit up after nine months without smoking. The Stir has been enjoying watching Nicole and Jionni settling in as parents mistakes and all.

The good news is it looks like Nicole will not be getting back into the habit. She Tweeted that she has not started smoking again.

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