02/27/2013 05:38 am ET

'White Collar': Emily Procter Is The New Boss, But Is She Just There To Do Sen. Pratt's Bidding? (VIDEO)

Next week might be the season finale of "White Collar," but that didn't stop the creators from mixing things up in a dramatic way in the penultimate episode. Amanda Callaway is the new boss in town, and she's played by former "CSI: Miami" star, Emily Procter.

Amanda wasted no time establishing just why she is there. "Have a quick, high-profile win right out of the gate," she said. "It’s a wonderful way to show the bureau that this division is back on track." She also made it very clear she expected all of their results to be gotten "above board."

When Peter suggested he didn't know they were off track, she said bluntly, "Well, somebody did. Or else I wouldn’t be here."

But is that why she's there? Amanda is working with Senator Pratt, which means she could work to keep Neal from tracking down the evidence box he needs to clear his dad's name. Or, as Procter suggested to TV Guide, she may by playing everyone.

Buddy TV thinks they'll find the lockbox next week regardless of interference, though they might not get their hands on it. Tune in for the "White Collar" season finale, next Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST on USA.

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