02/28/2013 09:06 pm ET Updated Mar 01, 2013

Alan Blueford Supporters Release Video Seeking Justice

The Justice 4 Alan Blueford coalition released a video to bring attention to the death of the Oakland teen, who was shot by a police officer last May.

The film highlights the Blueford family's experiences over the last year and the protesting efforts made on Blueford's behalf. "The epitome of what the community [doesn't] like about the police is [the conception] that they never did anything wrong in their life and they're always right," Blueford's father, Adam Blueford, said in the video.

Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition is seeking information and justice. The coalition has several demands, including that Officer Miguel Masso, who shot Blueford, be fired and charged with murder. Since the shooting, the coalition has organized several protests with Occupy Oakland.

Blueford was shot in Oakland after two officers approached the teen and his friends, who were allegedly in the middle of a drug deal. Blueford fled the scene on foot and allegedly pulled an object Masso identified as a handgun from his pants. The police report says he pointed it at the officer before tripping. Masso then fired four shots, three of which fatally struck the young man.

Police reportedly found a gun containing ammo with Blueford's fingerprints lying near his body, according to the report. However, witnesses said Blueford did not point a gun at the officer.

"We thought it might go this way," Adam Blueford told the San Francisco Chronicle last October, in reaction to the district attorney's conclusion that Masso had acted in self defense. "My son didn't commit any crime at all other than running. This is alarming."

Last year, 131 murders took place in Oakland, the highest rate the city has experienced since 2006.