02/28/2013 05:45 am ET

'Arrow': Oliver Makes A Decision That Could Destroy His Friendship With Tommy (VIDEO)

Before taking a month off, "Arrow" hit viewers with an action-packed installment that saw the return of Deadshot, the arrival of Laurel's mother, Dinah -- played by Alex Kingston ("Doctor Who") -- and yet another person finding out Oliver's secret. After a brutal altercation left Malcolm shot and dying from Deadshot's signature poison, it was his son, Tommy, who stood in Oliver's way.

In order to facilitate the blood transfusion needed to save Malcolm's life, Oliver -- as the hooded vigilante -- needed to get Tommy to trust him, and fast. The only way he could think to do it in the moment was to reveal to his best friend who he was under the hood.

Tommy kept his secret, even from Malcolm who thankfully never saw the reveal. But when he asked if Oliver had intended to ever tell him, Oliver told him no. Could this damage their friendship? ScreenCrush thinks that Oliver refusing to talk to Tommy about his time on the island and how he came to be Arrow may destroy their friendship.

DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, who just happened to pen this episode, said that the fallout will be severe. He cited their brief conversation as his favorite moment of the episode. It was Oliver choosing honesty at a moment when that may not have been the best choice.

"Arrow" returns with fresh episodes on Wednesday, March 20 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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