02/28/2013 08:01 am ET

'Duck Dynasty' Premiere: Willie Decides To Get Fit By Joining His Wife For Yoga (VIDEO)

Starting a new season is like starting a new year for a television show. So it made perfect sense that Willie Robertson announced in the season premiere of "Duck Dynasty" that he had a resolution of sorts. He'd decided it was time to be a new man, and this new man was going to be a fit man who weighed less than the old Willie.

To achieve these results, Willie was willing to put himself into some uncomfortable positions. He decided to join his wife for a yoga session -- with a very patient instructor. His wife, Korie, was there as well, though it was probably difficult to maintain her composure with Willie's comments throughout the class.

"They should give these poses names that reflect reality. Like ‘spine snapper,'" he said. At one point he declared, "I’m about to create my own pose: dying fat man."

Esquire was laughing along with the guys on "Duck Dynasty," loving that they can make fun of themselves. The guys showed they could make fun of other people as well, as evidenced by their recent appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Morrissey cancelled his own appearance because the "Duck Dynasty" gang would be there, calling them "animal serial killers." So they called him out with a bit about a new product.

"For the vegan in your life, Duck Dynasty proudly presents -- carrot call, specifically designed to mimic the call of the wild carrot!"

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