02/28/2013 01:23 pm ET

Kendra Wilkinson On Baby No. 2: 'I'm Not Ready For That Kind Of Sacrifice Yet'

Kendra Wilkinson has been open about her struggles with postpartum depression and body image following the birth of her son, Hank IV, now 3 years old.

"I couldn't look at myself a year ago," Wilkinson told The Huffington Post in June. "I avoided my reflection 24/7. After I had the baby, it was the biggest change of our lives and I had a little bit of postpartum blues."

But fortunately, she's feeling much better these days.

"I found the key to my sexuality all over again," she continued, proclaiming, "I was a girl, and now I'm a woman."

But despite the "Girls Next Door" star's newfound confidence, she's not yet ready to welcome a second child with husband Hank Baskett. In a new interview with People, Wilkinson, 27, explains that it would be too hard to maintain a social life with another tyke.

"I’m not going to be going out and everything’s going to be at home,” she told the magazine.

“I’m not ready for that yet," she added. "I love having one kid right now — and I give him everything I’ve got — but if I have two, I know my little club days and going out once a week will be pretty much gone. I’m not ready for that kind of sacrifice yet.”

In 2011, Wilkinson told People that she was learning to reconcile motherhood with her former image.

“[After I had a baby,] I felt like I had to be a different person. I had to be conservative and wear turtlenecks and be someone that I wasn’t,” she said. “Now that I have my body back and I feel good again, I have the perfect amount of balance. It’s all about finding the balance.”



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