03/01/2013 10:53 am ET

Bounce Film: Abteen Bagheri's Short 'That B.E.A.T.' Captures New Orleans' New Beat (VIDEO)

Bounce music is a genre drawing off Mardi Gras' rowdiness, hip-hop's beats and New Orleans' competitive energy. As stated in the video above: "Even if you can't dance, you're gonna wiggle or something." In a new documentary about the genre, director Abteen Bagheri dives deep into NOLA's underground bounce scene in "That B.E.A.T.," a short film which is part of the "New American Noise" video series on the Sundance Channel.

The doc gives an ample taste of the electrifying music style along with commentary from some of the biggest players in the game, from Sissy Nobby to Big Freedia. The video also explores the rise of Sissy Bounce, an offshoot of the main movement that brings homosexuality and hip-hop together. "Gay and rap is virtually oxymoronic...up until the last couple of years," bounce artist Rusty Lazer explains in the video above.

For more on bounce, check out Bagheri's blog post about the filming process. Not surprisingly, it sounds wild: "We were in a party scene, and I mean P-A-R-T-Y scene," he writes on The Huffington Post.

See some bounce music videos in the slideshow below and let us know your thoughts. Don't hurt yourself with all that wiggling!

Bounce Music Videos