03/01/2013 01:47 pm ET Updated Mar 02, 2013

Ernesto Radames Inesta, Florida Man, Accidentally Kills Wife With 'Unloaded' Gun: Police

A South Miami-Dade man is in lockup after killing his wife with what he thought was an unloaded gun while home with their two young sons.

Miami-Dade Police say Ernesto Radames Inesta, 36, sat on his couch unloading his .45 caliber handgun as his wife made drinks in the kitchen of their Homestead residence Wednesday night.

As she entered the room with their drinks, Inesta asked in Spanish, "Where is my drink?" according to the arrest form, and then raised the gun to her head and pulled the trigger.

Although Inesta believed the gun was no longer loaded, according to police, a bullet discharged, entering through his wife's left eye and killing her. The husband called 911, saying he just accidentally shot his wife.

The couple's 7 and 9-year-old sons were home at the time of the shooting, according to the arrest affidavit.

Inesta is being held in the Miami-Dade County Jail on $7,500 bond and is charged with one count of manslaughter.



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