03/01/2013 03:09 am ET Updated Mar 01, 2013

Johnny Weir Is Clearly Not Over His Feud With Bethenny Frankel On 'Kathy' (VIDEO)

Johnny Weir's feud with Bethenny Frankel has clearly not cooled any since it erupted in 2010, based on his appearance on "Kathy." The two made headlines for their appearances on the ABC reality competition "Skating with the Stars," when Weir was a judge on the show and Frankel was a contestant.

Tension began almost immediately when Weir questioned Frankel's commitment to the show, and then felt she wasn't respecting the judges. There were reports of behind-the-scenes altercations between the two, and apparently Weir can still get pretty fired up when talking about Frankel.

"If I wanted to be any woman in the world, it would not be Bethenny Frankel," he said. "I was offended, and she wasn’t listening to our remarks." Weir went on to say, "If you’re not a nice person and able to listen to people helping you, what are you doing?"

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