03/01/2013 05:22 pm ET

Julius Rosero Slapped: Parents Furious After Magnet School Teacher Allegedly Strikes Third Grader

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Parents of a young Chicago student want to see the teacher who allegedly slapped their 9-year-old son disciplined.

"I was just in shock," the boy's mother, Linda Reyes, told NBC Chicago. "I felt like this was something you hear on the news in a different state somewhere."

Third grader Julius Rosero said his Mandarin teacher at Inter-American Magnet School in Lakeview grabbed his head and slapped him after he was acting up in class with his cousin, reports NBC.

DNAinfo Chicago obtained the incident report from the Feb. 5 altercation apparently written by the school's principal; according to the report, several students saw the teacher, Miaomiao Chen, slap Rosero. Chen reportedly said the boy lied about the incident when first asked.

Rosero's parents said that while their son is not innocent of acting up, the slap crossed a line. "Everybody gets disciplined if they make a mistake and this was a smack," the boy's father Patrick Rosero told NBC.

According to DNAinfo, Rosero's parents say they have only heard good things about Chen and don't want to see her fired, just suspended per Chicago Public Schools employee discipline protocol.

Flaps over corporal punishment in schools have landed teachers in hot water before, though many don't lose their jobs. Last year, a phys ed teacher in Georgia was suspended but not fired after striking a student with an open hand.

Just a month prior, a North Carolina teacher and U.S. Army vet was suspended without pay for slapping a student in what she said was self-defense in an altercation concerning the boy's baggy pants.



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