03/01/2013 12:28 pm ET

Maria Shriver, Chain Restaurant Owner? Star Invests In Trendy Blaze Pizza

While estranged husband Arnold Schwarzenegger is canoodling with a new lady love, Maria Shriver has a new venture of her own.

Along with her son, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Shriver has become an investor in Blaze Pizza, a "fast-casual" restaurant chain with two locations in Irvine and Pasadena, California, Bloomberg News reported. Blaze Pizza offers build-your-own Neapolitan-style pies loaded with artisinal and fresh ingredients. The chain has its eyes set on expansion, with plans to open locations in Milwaukee, New York and Connecticut.

"We love pizza," Shriver wrote in an email to Bloomberg News. "My son and I are really excited to be in the pizza business."

Maria Shriver joins a group of top investors, including Boston Red Sox co-owner Tom Werner and Panda Express founder Andrew Cherng, who have invested $3 million in the chain. Shriver isn't the first post 50 to make a career change. Take a look at celebrities who switched career paths.



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