03/01/2013 11:58 am ET Updated May 01, 2013

Obama To AP's Julie Pace: 'Give Me An Example Of What I Might Do' (VIDEO)

A notably jocular President Obama sparred with White House reporters during his press conference about the budget sequester on Friday.

Obama's most notably tense moment came with his first question, the AP's Julie Pace.

"It sounds like you're saying this is a Republican problem, not one that you bear any responsibility for," she said to him.

"Well, Julie, give me an example of what I might do," Obama shot back. "Just trying to clarify," Pace said.

"Well, I'm just trying to clarify your question," Obama said.

The Republicans, he said, didn't want to increase revenues in any deal. "So, what more do you think I should do?" he asked the room at large. When there was silence, he said, "I just wanted to clarify. Because if people have a suggestion — this is a room full of smart folks."

Obama also riffed with the Washington Post's Zach Goldfarb, telling him, "I never want to make myself 100 percent clear with you guys." He also told CNN's Jessica Yellin, "I'm not a dictator. I'm the president."



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