03/03/2013 01:42 pm ET

Hey, It's OK If You Hate Gym Class

High school can be really stressful -- to say the least. Our weekly "Hey, It's OK!" series is here to remind you of all things you SHOULDN'T be worried about, no matter who tells you otherwise!

Gym class is undeniably one of the most universally loathed high school experiences. Whether it's because you're always picked last for the team, you get yelled at for walking during the mile run, or that your head seems to magnetically attract flying dodgeballs, nearly all of us have our own reasons to dread PE.

We can't all be gym class heroes, but fortunately, there are far worse fates than being terrible at phys ed. Here are five reasons not to stress about it:

1. Your dodgeball skills aren't indicative of your true athletic prowess.

Your less-than-desirable skills when it comes to dodgeball, crunches and the sit-and-reach may cause you to feel like a total athletic failure, but really, there's a lot more to being kinetically talented than gym class would have you think. You could be an awesome dancer, golfer, or fencer and still fail miserably at kickball and pull-ups. Or, if sports just really aren't your thing, you're probably awesome at a whole lot of other things that don't involve being physically active -- and that's cool, too!

2. We've all been there.

Countless TV shows and teen movies have drawn upon the comedic gold that is high school physical education. A particularly awkward PE class might make you want to cry, but sometimes, you just have to laugh. An uncomfortable PE class will only last for an hour, but your best embarrassing (read: hilarious) gym class stories will last a lifetime.

3. You won't have to take it in college.

Once you've graduated, any sports are athletic activities that you choose to participate in are just that: a choice. Nobody will ever force you into a uniform and make you run the mile again (hopefully), so you'll be free to find your own ways to stay fit -- ones that you actually enjoy and look forward to.

4. The pen is mightier than the sword.

If there's one thing you should learn in high school, it's that powerful words speak louder than physical force. So if you're a rock star in English but you can barely clear the high jump, don't worry -- you may not be able to sprint your way out of a bad situation, but you'll definitely be able to argue your way out of it.

5. There are a million other fun ways to stay healthy and active.

Don't let gym class instill in you a dread of exercise -- there are so many fun ways that you can get moving and stay healthy, either on your own or with your friends. Listen to your favorite music to pump you up when you're running, or get creative with activities like yoga, dance classes, hiking, zumba or ultimate frisbee. Once you find something you truly enjoy -- and that makes you feel awesome -- you'll never have that sense of dread about exercising again.

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