03/04/2013 03:01 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2013

Chicago's Birthday: Celebrating The City's 176th Birthday The Best Way We Know How (PHOTOS)

For all this talk of how miserable you are, and considering your age, you're looking good, Chicago!

Monday, March 4 marks the Windy City's 176th birthday, an occasion the city marked with a large layered Eli's Cheesecake emblazoned (of course) with blue stripes and red stars styled after the city's municipal flag.

Last year, in honor of the city's most recent birthday, we looked back at 16 of the city's "firsts" worth celebrating, ranging from the invention of the first electric dishwasher to the first Twinkie (R.I.P. for now). And as we pondered how we'd mark this year's occasion, we thought it would be appropriate to paying tribute to the one thing Chicagoans have long been known to do with more pride and more devotion than anywhere else in the world: Eat!

Scroll down to view photos from the early 20th century of Chicagoans getting their grub on. Meanwhile, check out the Popcorn Factory for special limited edition, Chicago-centric flavors of their gourmet popcorn through the end of the month or visit the Chicago History Museum (for free, if you're an Illinois resident) today.



Chowing Down In Chicago