03/04/2013 08:13 am ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

Debunking The Blood Type Diet (VIDEO)

If you're an avid follower of health trends then you might know of The Blood Type Diet, a diet that recommends different eating patterns based on (you guessed it!) your blood type (of which there are eight types).

Created in 1997 by Peter J. D'Adamo, The Blood Type Diet suggests that a difference in blood types could account for the need for different diets, lifestyles and weight loss patterns. For example, he asserts, type A blood might be more compatible with vegetarian foods and individuals with type B might benefit from drinking a lot of milk.

Though scientists and doctors have long criticized this diet as medically unsound, the diet endures among devotees.

In the preceding video, experts explain why The Blood Type Diet isn't really based on any legitimate claims.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misspelled D'Adamo's name as "D'Amato." There is also no blood "Type D."