03/04/2013 10:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mary-Kate Olsen's Ring From Olivier Sarkozy? (PHOTOS)

It seems like only yesterday that Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen stunned the world by announcing -- via repeated courtside PDA at New York Knicks games -- that they were a couple.

But nine months later, the 26-year-old designer and her 43-year-old boyfriend are still going strong. The pair were spotted canoodling (apologies, but it's really the most accurate term here) at yet another Knicks game on Sunday. But this time Mary-Kate had on a special accessory: a gold ring on her left ring finger.

Before you start freaking out at the idea of Michelle Tanner getting married (!), remember that we've been here before: In January, photographers spotted Markozy shopping at a jewelry store in Paris then spied Olsen with a ring on her left-hand ring finger. Alas, her rep told The Huffington Post that the despite the bling, the couple is not engaged.

We're guessing this latest sighting is yet another false alarm. But it has taught us one thing: The couple that snuggles at basketball games together while wearing big sunglasses and making everyone else uncomfortable... stays together.


mary kate olsen ring

mary kate olsen ring

There's more PDA where that came from:

Mary-Kate Olsen & Olivier Sarkozy

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