03/04/2013 07:49 am ET Updated Mar 04, 2013

Spring Break 2013 Destinations For Nerds

Spring break in Cancun isn't for everyone. In fact -- despite its perennial popularity -- it likely appeals to the rather boisterous minority of travelers who find beer bongs, keg stands and beach bashes appealing. There is nothing wrong with coeds in bikinis -- or mankinis, whatever works -- but there also isn't anything wrong with lathering on the zinc oxide or caring so passionately about your field of study that vacation seems antithetical to all that you are.

Nerds are not good at vacation because nerds are nerds all the time. They don't want to take a break from it. And they shouldn't have to: There are plenty of spots where those consumed by math, science or even art can head to further immerse themselves into their passions. The weather is generally a bit worse at these hot spots than it is on the Mexican coast, but a break, spring or otherwise, is really a mental state at the end of the day.

These destinations are the cities around the world that are ripe for exploration by roving bands of the pocket-protected and passionate. Spring Break is for people who like that sort of thing. Nerdy Spring Break is for people who likes a wide-assortment of things with a dangerous passion.



Spring Break Is For Nerds