03/04/2013 04:59 am ET Updated Mar 04, 2013

'The Amazing Race': Dave Tries Not To Let His Injury Slow Him Down, But How Long Can He Last? (VIDEO)

It was a difficult leg for Dave and Connor. The father-and-son duo had come in second during last week's portion of "The Amazing Race," but in doing so, Dave was pretty sure he'd ruptured his achilles tendon. This week, Jessica and John decided to stay true to their word, and gave Dave and Connor the coveted Express Pass. This after Dave found out that he had actually torn his tendon.

Nevertheless, Dave and Connor, who are both cancer survivors, vowed to continue on in the race, with Dave hobbling along on crutches with a boot on his foot. They figured they wouldn't be able to stay in the race for long, but were determined to hang in there as long as they could. And thanks to the Express Pass, they actually secured a first-place finish.

Buddy TV applauded the team, but HitFix wonderd if it was fair that they continue in a race they really can't win. For now, though, they are still racing.

Especially because there was no rest period at the end of this leg. They were handed their next clue on the mat, at which point Dave had to decided if he felt he could continue, or if they would just stop there. That answer will come next week.

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