03/04/2013 03:30 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2013

8 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Who Lives Alone (PHOTOS)

Taking the step to move out on your own is a courageous rite of passage: being responsible for everything from rent and groceries to maintenance and cleaning is not something many people want to handle solo. And even though it's a very proud moment when you do take that step, there are still some things that may make you a little skittish.

A few of our favorite examples: dealing with little critters by yourself or hearing scary noises at night. (Remember in "Sex and the City", when Miranda thought her apartment was haunted and Carrie ran over to share a box of Oreos to make her feel better?) So better to not twist the proverbial knife and say something super awkward to these solo-dwellers. Below, our guide to the eight things you should not utter on the topic of living alone.

Never Say To Someone Who Lives Alone

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