03/05/2013 09:15 am ET

Colbert Mocks Texas' Gun Training Bill And Free Shotguns (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert used Monday's show to bring attention to an important issue: Texas gun laws.

Rep. Dan Flynn is pushing for a bill that would eliminate the required gun training time to be 4 hours, as opposed to the current ten. Why? So people won't have to take an entire day off work just to hear stories about gun safety. "Rep. Flynn knows how valuable his constituents' time is," Colbert said "You can't ask people to devote a whole Saturday to learning how to operate a deadly weapon. That's time that could be spent accidentally shooting their family."

He then shifted focus to University of Houston graduate student Kyle Coplen, who's giving out free shotguns in high crime areas as a social experiment... which is working out about as well as you could expect.

Check out the clip above to see Stephen's double-barreled take on these Texas gun issues.



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