03/05/2013 12:13 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

Florida Legislative Session 2013: Bills To Watch

Tuesday in his opening day remarks for Florida's 2013 Legislative Session, House Speaker Will Weatherford asked state representatives, "Will we earn the people’s trust, or will we let them down by confirming their worst fears about government and politics?"

HuffPost Miami combed through all 900 bills filed so far for 2013, and there are plenty of opportunities to have our worst fears confirmed about politics in Tallahassee.

But there are also several bills, that if passed, could mark a sea change towards progress in this state.

Case in point: Florida may catch up to the rest of the country by finally banning texting and driving, finally granting the LGBT community civil rights, and finally permitting a local brewery to sell a damn beer growler.

The state also has the chance to ban assault weapons, prohibit the use of plastic bags that clog oceans, and legalize medical marijuana.

Some of the weirder legislation includes legalizing 6-gallon containers of wine, creating a Florida Marriage Handbook, and a 'Sunshine Protection Act' that says the state should observe Daylight Savings all year long.

Weatherford closed with "Members, if we accomplish nothing else we ought to be able to look in the mirror when our work is done and know, that all of us Republican and Democrat, made that ladder wider and higher and easier to climb for every Floridian."

Click below for dozens of the more interesting bills coming before the Florida Legislation in 2013. What do you think of the state's work so far?

Florida Legislation 2013