03/05/2013 12:16 am ET Updated Mar 05, 2013

James Deen, 'The Canyons' Star, Had No Expectations About Lindsay Lohan (VIDEO)

When it came to dealing with troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan, crossover porn star James Deen had one strategy: low to no expectations.

Deen, who is starring in the upcoming film "The Canyons," dished about his volatile co-star in an interview with HuffPost Live Monday.

"I kind of entered this production expecting nothing," said Deen in the video above. "So because I didn't really expect anything, it was hard to get surprised."

And it's a good thing Deen had no expectations of the former child star. Throughout the film's production, Lohan clashed repeatedly with director Paul Schrader, reports the New York Times. She also took issue with her contractually obligated four-way sex scene and was reportedly a no-show so many times that the film fired and then re-hired her.

"If you want to smoke crack, go ahead and smoke crack," analogized Deen. "Just leave me alone, because that's your business, not something I'm going to stress on." Of course, Deen clarified, no one smoked crack on set.

In a previous interview with HuffPost, Deen shared that he enjoyed being with Lohan on a personal level, and that he enjoyed working with her.

"I never had any issues with Lindsay," Deen said to HuffPost. "But I don't have to deal with the Hollywood bullsh-t aspect of the film."

Lohan is due back in court March 18 for allegedly lying to police about her role in a car accident, reports the Los Angeles Times. Her attorney Mark Heller tried to get the case dismissed last Friday, arguing that she didn't need court-mandated drug rehabilitation to deal with her problems. He was unsuccessful.

"The Canyons," an erotic thriller about a group of beautiful, damaged 20-somethings in Los Angeles, will debut this summer.



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