03/05/2013 05:40 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

Jennie Garth: Rumors About My Personal Life 'Are Just Not True'

Jennie Garth has had a tough couple of months, publicly going through a heartbreaking divorce, from longtime spouse Peter Facinelli, while balancing motherhood and her career. But the 40-year-old mom-of-three is over the drama and focusing on the more positive things in her life -- like her new boyfriend, rocker Jeremy Salken.

Garth teamed up with Lindt Chocolatier to launch the fourth annual Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction today (March 5), which helps raise funds for Autism Speaks. She is joined by 97 other celebrities, including Mila Kunis, Blake Lively and Owen Wilson, who all signed porcelain Lindt Gold Bunnies which will be auctioned off to the highest bidders -- with all proceeds benefiting the autism cause. (The auction runs now through March 15).

HuffPost Celebrity got the chance to sit down with Garth to discuss her partnership with Lindt and Autism Speaks, her diet must-haves and her newfound happiness after a difficult year.

Why did you do decide to participate in this partnership?
Not only do I love chocolate, for the Lindt aspect, but autism affects so many families. I’m blessed with my daughters and I feel like it is my responsibility as a public figure to bring awareness to certain subjects. I feel like the more we talk about things and the more we’re aware of things, the less taboo they are. So this is an opportunity to make people aware of autism and make people aware of Lindt’s connection with Autism Speaks. Just by buying chocolate, you're actually giving back to a really important cause.

What’s it like now that your daughters are getting older -- how are you adjusting?
The first one was the guinea pig, Luca. She’s almost 16 now and I’m learning to, you know, not treat her like a baby like the younger girls [Lola, 11, and Fiona, 6]. So, I definitely have three different age brackets in my girls' range, so treating them each individually is something I do focus on a lot.

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever read about yourself?
Lord, there’s so many. [laughs] Trivial things would be that I speak fluent Italian. Which I don’t. And you know, plenty of personal things regarding my personal life that are just not true. I don’t know how people come up with things sometimes.

What’s your go-to excuse?
Traffic! In LA, that’s the excuse I use for everything. That’s why I’m usually late, not going to lie. I always blame it on traffic, but it’s really because I left at the time I was supposed to be there. [laughs]

What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever lied about?
I tend not to remember those little lies … I feel better about myself that way. Probably the silliest thing I’ve ever lied about was my weight. When people ask "How much do you weigh?" I usually nudge it a little bit here or there, but who doesn’t?

Speaking of your weight, you look fantastic. Do you have any workout tips or diet advice you can share?
Nothing really new … I’m doing a lot of morning smoothies. I’ve just been putting tons of kale and everything fresh and then I put in extra green powder. I drink aloe vera juice. I put everything but the kitchen sink in there, so I start my day off right. And that usually kind of carries me through until the end of the day.

But you still enjoy your chocolate, right?
I do enjoy my white chocolate. Anybody that knows me knows that I’m a white chocolate girl!

And if you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?
I’m very happy. I’m super grateful and happy. I wouldn’t want it any different. How could I want things differently when my life is so good the way it is? I wouldn’t want to change it.



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