03/05/2013 06:48 pm ET

Nefisa Sarge, Single Mother Of Three, Out Of Business Due To D.C. Fire Department

WASHINGTON -- Nefisa Sarge, a single mother of three, uses her food truck as a primary source of income. Since that vehicle was hit by a D.C. fire truck, her livelihood has taken quite a hit.

WUSA9 reports that the fire truck backed into the food truck on September 18. Sarge and a mechanic were in the back of the food truck at the time of the accident. Both were taken to the hospital for examination, where Sarge was slapped with a $900 bill.

Damages to the food truck total over $8,000, according to the WUSA9 report -- more than $4,000 for the interior and $4,000 for the exterior.

Since the accident, Sarge told WUSA9, she has been waiting for reimbursement to repair the food truck and the other car damaged by the fire truck, her everyday use car. She has not received any reimbursement, but she did receive a $441 bill from the D.C. Fire Department for her ambulance ride to the hospital.

The Southeast D.C. resident tells the station she's running out of time. Her rent is past due and she is facing eviction.

"Maybe I'll go on food stamps. I just don't want to that but I don't have a choice. I don't have help. I'm the father. I'm the mother. Having three kids is hard," she says on the video.

WUSA9 writes that when the station reached out to D.C. Fire and EMS, the agency's spokesperson "was unable to determine what the department is doing about the case, but told us that he will look into the matter."

The Huffington Post has also asked D.C. Fire and EMS for comment, and will update this piece when we heard back.



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