PETA On Kim Kardashian Wearing Fur: 'She Is Not A Good Example To A Child Or Anyone Else'

PETA is at it again, this time with more harsh words for Kim Kardashian.

The reality star and mom-to-be was spotted decked out in a fur stole in Paris on Monday, a move that has angered the outspoken animal-rights group. PETA is accusing Kardashian, whose pregnancy with Kanye West was revealed in December, of setting a "poor example" for her unborn child.

PETA spokeswoman Wendy Wenger spoke out to Radar Online about the matter, saying, "Kim is a commodity. She is paid to wear things like fur, a particular makeup, or to shake hands with questionable people, so she is not a good example to a child or anyone else of how to show a social conscience."

But if Kim can't serve as a positive role model, surely Aunt Khloe can, according to PETA. Wenger said she hopes baby Kimye will "take after Aunt Khloe and choose kindness by rejecting fur," referring to Khloe Kardashian's 2008 anti-fur ad in which she declared she would "rather go naked" than wear an animal pelt.

PETA's continued support for Khloe is a bit odd, though, considering she severed ties with the organization in March 2012 after it was revealed that a woman who flour-bombed Kim on the red carpet was a major PETA activist.

Regardless, Wenger's remarks about Kim's fur-wearing habits seem more personal than necessary, with the spokeswoman likening Kardashian and West to "greedy, self-absorbed parents."

“Thankfully, this child will be growing up in a time when most people know how blatantly cruel it is to buy a coat made from someone else’s skin, so there is hope," she reportedly said.

This incident does not mark the first time Kim Kardashian has come under fire from PETA. In August 2012, Lady Gaga came to Kardashian's defense after PETA said the singer would reduce herself to being like "the mindless Kim Kardashian" by wearing fur. In June 2012, PETA compared Kardashian to Cruella De Vil when she was spotted wearing a pair of designer python boots.

Check out Kardashian's full getup:
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