03/05/2013 06:40 pm ET

'Welcome To Google' Rap Released By New York Employee Andrew Finkelstein (VIDEO)

The Harlem Shake craze is officially over. Prepare for the next wave of viral insanity, courtesy of Google. Introducing: the Fink.

Google employee and self-proclaimed hip hop artist Andrew Finkelstein, nicknamed "Fink," released a new rap video Monday titled "Welcome to Google." Fink takes viewers behind the scenes at the Internet giant's New York office.

Apparently, life behind closed doors consists of sunglass-wearing, cowboy hat-sporting employees who dance with the Android mascot and play video games. Googleplex is the "home of where the future's kept," Fink raps, and it is much more than an office.

"I want to welcome everybody to the Google generation," Fink says. "Google is a nation"

Fink is an employee in the sales department of Wildfire, a social media marketing group acquired by Google. "Welcome to Google" is not his first release. His YouTube channel features other entertaining, but much more vulgar, tracks such as "What's Beef" and "Purple."



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