03/05/2013 07:39 am ET Updated Mar 05, 2013

'World Of Jenks' Premiere: Andrew Jenks Spends A Year With Three Millennials (VIDEO)

Andrew Jenks is back with a new season of "World of Jenks." During the show's inaugural season, Jenks moved in with a different young person each week to experience and share their lives. His goal was to inspire and shine a spotlight on the millennial generation. For Season 2, though, Jenks is mixing things up. This time around, he's spending time with only three people across ten episodes. And this time, he spent a year with them.

One of the young people spotlighted this season is 23-year-old Kaylin. An aspiring fashion designer, Kaylin was diagnosed with two different forms of cancer only six months apart.

"I thought I was going to die in six months, I really did. I did not have a future at that time. It was the hardest thing in the world to do," she said. Kaylin started to blog as a way to share her experience with others.

With yet another cancer diagnosis possible, Kayllin is nevertheless pursuing her dream with a big move to New York. Jenks is hoping the prolonged time spent with these inspiring individuals will remove stigma. He told the "Today" show, "Maybe in the first episode, you see Kaylin as a cancer girl ... Then by the 10th episode, by the final episode, [she’s] no longer defined as that and you see [her] as just who [she is], just like you would anyone else."

Wetpaint applauded Jenks' mission, saying he's helping show that millennials can be selfless. There is a more self-oriented side to them that is spotlighted -- Jenks cited "Girls" as an example of this to "Today" -- but says his show is a chance to shine a spotlight on this other side that the media doesn't give much attention.

Follow Kaylin's journey on "World of Jenks" every Monday at 11 p.m. EST on MTV.

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